Saturday, November 14, 2009

template fiddling, and miscellaneous horsekeeping

Recently I've been trying to figure out how to modify the appearance of this blog so that it's easier to read and also so that when we embed videos we can embed the newer 480px wide Youtube ones. (as you can see it's a work in progress) Additionally, I've been thinking of adding one of those "share" widgets that allows you to link a post to Facebook, Digg, and so forth.

Also, if you are an occasional visitor and want comments emailed to you via blogger, leave a comment to that effect here, if I already have your email address. Otherwise email me at hugozoom at yahoo dot com with a brief message.(This applies in the reverse, too. Email me if you're currently getting our emails and don't want them. That doesn't mean I want to remove anybody from the email list, because I think blogger will accommodate up to 99 addresses, and we're nowhere near that, nor do I anticipate we are likely to be.)

Additionally, I've been meaning to expand the blogroll. Not to some gargantuan list of hundreds, but a bit. Any ideas?

This is the comment I left at the hulu homepage of Rip! a remix manifesto, above:

I mostly agree with the film-maker, insofar as copyright laws are too restrictive, and the awards being given to the RIAA and similar groups are excessive. But I cannot agree that copyright should be abolished altogether, which he sort of suggests, although he doesn't say so directly.

Maybe, for example, it could be pared back from 95 yrs for corporate/lifetime plus 70 for individuals, to 30 yrs corporate/lifetime plus 20, and the penalties could be SUBSTANTIALLY reduced.

I also wish he had spent more time discussing the non-music related aspects of the current copyright legal climate-- here the discussion of pharmaceutical and other copyrights seems like it was just an afterthought, hastily added to bolster the rest of his argument and make it seem more relevant.

Having said all that, I don't want people to think I am knocking this film; these are minor quibbles, and I recommend it highly.

sincerely, Hugo, copyright 2009(:^))

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