Thursday, November 26, 2009

Waiting for Obama, Waiting for Godot

Obama will be announcing the “chosen” number for escalation of U.S. forces in Afghanistan early next week. In all likelihood we will be told that another 30,000 or so troops will be sent. I haven’t exactly been waiting with bated breath for the grand unveiling of another idiotic exercise in idiocy because I never doubted Obama would live down to my expectations. Last October I wrote about an article in Raw Story that said Obama had already made up his mind according to some British official. Some felt the article in Raw Story wasn’t worthy of belief yet here we are today on the eve of another Obama moment when this great drama unfolds like a Shakespearian play. Don’t be surprised if I’m not awake for this historic moment as I’ll perhaps be having a mid autumnal night’s dream of more interesting things.

I can think of any number of things that would be far more fascinating than listening to Obama explain in pains taking detail why he is escalating the Afghan War. For example I may have to trim my fingernails or wash some dishes. I’ve got it! I could clean the cat box! You see, the thing is, people who tell you make believe stories based on delusion fueled by American exceptionalism suddenly become irrelevant if not boring. You may be wondering if I just called Obama a bore. Yes I did. Obama is a bore. A completely predictable roaring snoring bore. “Yes we can,” snooooore yawn “I intend to finish this…” snort snore big yawn, “America must lead the world because Americans are leaders,” please, please, don’t wake me up as I was having such a pleasant dream!

Here is a basic guide to today’s health care reform and it is one I always keep in mind when reading about health care reform. Simply put, nobody in congress (with one or two exceptions) is even remotely interested in passing what you and I would call health care reform because the health insurance industry doesn’t want what you and I would call health care reform. And that’s all that matters when it comes to health care reform.

Sorry, there will be no links today. Nobody clicks on links anyway. I’m talking especially to those who dismiss my writings without even bothering to check any links I may provide which I suppose then entitles you to believe I just make everything up. If I actually do make anything up I can assure you that you will be the first to know. I’d hate to think I misled anybody. The thing is if you say anything that runs against the accepted narrative that liberals constantly reinvent reality with then you are a kook and not to be taken seriously. Serious people aren’t kooky you know.

All this reminds me of a play I saw a long time ago called Waiting for Godot where a small group of people are supposed to meet someone called Godot by this tree. Godot never shows up and the play ends. That’s what liberals are, those same people waiting for Godot. The real Obama is Godot of course and liberals are still waiting for the real Obama to reveal himself. He already has so if you’re still waiting for Obama you’re just waiting for Godot.


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