Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Military Free U.S.?

Imagine what it would be like if the U.S. had no military at all. There could no longer be a military-industrial-scientific-congressional-Judicial-presidential-complex because without the military all that would collapse utterly and completely. Why Obama wouldn’t even have run for president if it wasn’t for the very existence of our military and the complex because the very system that attracts predators like Obama wouldn’t exist.

Instead of an endless procession of foreign interventions and wars we would essentially all be living in peace. And make no mistake about it, the war is driving the economy (whatever that is) into the ground with pile driver blows. Thirty billion here, fifty billion there, the numbers aren’t even real, I mean, what exactly is thirty billion dollars besides obscene but there is no money for extending the paltry and miserly unemployment benefits, nor job creation, nor an aging infrastructure. Not for schools, or research, not for fighting cancer or even beginning the switch to clean electrical power and all because we throw it all down the gaping maw of war and we don’t even know where the hell the aid money goes, “oh it shipped to Dubai” “money what money, white man speak forked tongue!” and you wonder where Krazy Karzai gets the money for those fancy outfits he wears? The Mayor of Kabul!

We wouldn’t have general Petraeus, referred to as the “most respected general in the U.S.” which ought to be the “most politicized lying scumbag general in the U.S.” and in fact we wouldn’t have any generals at all. Think of the money we would save on general’s pensions alone! In fact, all the money we spend on all the little boy toys like planes, boats, guns, bullets, bombs and what-have-you that our military loves to zoom around in, shoot, or drop could now be spent on useful things. Get this, The Obama (May he rule forever and his line never fail) is sending forty-six warships to little Costa Rica along with 7,000 marines no less, and five planes, in order to fight drugs. I have visions of marines wrestling with armed aspirin pills. This is exactly the kind of ding-bat use of the military that would be avoided by simply having no military.

A legitimate question I suppose would be how would we protect ourselves without a military? In return I would ask protect us from whom? Are the Canadians planning an invasion? Mexico has already invaded us according to Arizona residents. Russia, China, why would they invade us? You need to have stockpiled something useful in order to convince someone to invade you but what do we have? Obama? An empty shelled out husk of a nation with crappy roads, an aging power grid, rampant poverty, rampant unemployment, rampant crime, crazy people who moan and roll on the floor, crazy people who believe in UFOs and Bigfeets. Who would want that? Who would spend the money to get it? Nobody in their right mind, that’s for sure. There is one exception, I think the original inhabitants wouldn’t mind kicking us out or maybe putting us on small reservations, maybe in the Bronx.

Is it really so farfetched that the U.S. could exist without a military? I don’t think so, the benefits would be extraordinary. Recently Obama spoke about creating a civilian army to send to these sad sack nations so what it boils down to is we could have decent jobs here in the States or you can go to Afghanistan where the natives would as soon shoot you as look at you. This is the path our militarized nation is going down in a headlong and blind rush. It seems as if the only answer to any problem or impediment is to call in the marines and forty-six warships. Forty-six warships to fight drugs? Whaaaa? I’m losing my mind, I must be, I can’t believe this stuff when I read it.

Okay, I know, it isn’t realistic of me is it. I mean look at little Costa Rica who has no military (which started this line of thought for this “post”) who have lived in peace for years but are now to be suddenly invaded by the U.S. who rightly perceives them as weak. I suspect the only reason the Costa Ricans voted to allow the U.S. military into their country was to avoid the fate of Iraq. I wish them luck with that one. Still, we could easily cut back on the size of our military and return it to its original intent of protecting the U.S. from invasion. For that we don’t need the giant military we now have and it would also go a long way toward ending the military-yada-yada-complex because we would no longer be in the business of empire.


At July 08, 2010 4:44 AM, Blogger Mimi said...

Your BEST YET, Rob. What a wonderful dream and what an impossible idea. How I wish...

At July 08, 2010 3:11 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Mimi,

I'm glad you liked my little ramble. Impossible yes, but someday who knows?

At July 09, 2010 5:37 AM, Anonymous cemmcs said...

Sounds good to me!

At July 09, 2010 7:15 AM, Blogger Bob In Pacifica said...

It's an interesting fantasy.

The military serves the corporate control of the country. Without an understanding of how the country is run nothing is going to change. Nothing may change with an understanding either, but at least you know.

At July 09, 2010 11:56 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Bob,

I'd agree with that. Understanding alone won't bring any change to our imperial wars. I think it will have to play itself out unfortunately.


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