Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A losing proposition

Your heroes aren’t going to save you. After all, they are only too human just like you. What is it about liberals that they just love to lose? I’ll give them this, once they find a losing proposition nobody snaps it up faster than a liberal. So, Wikileaks has changed everything has it? Wikileaks is the perfect example of how liberals love to lose. Look at Assange, you think he isn’t a marked man? I think the CIA is going to make him disappear if they can. How would you describe that as a win? Look at Manning, he’s already in jail, you think he’ll see the light of day any time soon? Wow, I’m really impressed with that, another winning technique! Be sure to mark that down in your notes on how to lose at everything. And by the way, have you noticed how low the bar for ethical behavior has fallen? Both Assange and Manning did something that any sane and normal person should do and people are flabbergasted. It says much less about Assange and Manning than it does the rest of us.

Here’s another thing, we already knew that a war was going on and that it was going poorly, even MacChrystal said as much quite honestly. He also said a lot of other things less honestly but you don’t get to be a general by collecting bottle caps. No, I’m not defending him, he’s a murderer many times over just like many of your liberal heroes, my point is that there was no great secret regarding a losing war. And speaking of the war, the Afghan War, it’s rolling along fine, in fact now that Obama has said we aren’t going to “nation build” in Afghanistan rather we are going to step up dropping love letters on Taliban leaders a lot of civilians are going to die but do liberals care? No, they have their symbolic heroes in the form of Assange and Manning. Admirable though these two may be they can’t even save themselves which is why liberals love them so. Lose, lose, lose, and lose again, that’s the liberal motto.

Good things are happening in Iraq! According to The Obama. We’re pulling out be we aren’t and while contradiction may be the hallmark of the Obama presidency what it means is that we are leaving 50,000 or so combat troops in Iraq who shall continue to pursue combat missions despite being renamed as “advisors.” That’s rich, I mean you gotta laugh. Advisors? But never mind liberals, you have Manning in jail with members of Congress whipping out their dicks and yelling for Manning’s execution and Assange likely running for his life. You’re way ahead liberals, keep it up and someday, way,way, way, way, way, way, way in the future you might lose a little less than you are losing now.

I’m beginning to think liberals can’t walk down a hall without bumping into the walls. What can liberals lose at next? The real and true tragedy is liberals are running out of things to lose so they might be forced to win something by default. Surely the mountains shall tremble and the very earth itself shall be rent asunder and despoiled with noxious fumes.


At August 04, 2010 7:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you here, Rob, on everything except the same point on which I have disagreed with Arthur Silber -- the idea that Julian Assange is now in mortal peril by virtue of this leakage.

These leaked documents can be had through FOIA requests, so there is absolutely no reason, no rhyme, and no real motive for anyone to hit the existential OFF switch on the functioning human organism that calls himself Julian Assange.

I think the rest of your entry suggests why this is the case, if only one chooses to look at it from the perspective of:

who really is hurt here?

These leakages are not stunning revelations, but rather, they are confirmation of what everyone who has followed the American Imperial Project with a skeptical eye already knew. That they counter the Official Narrative on several points (if not many points) is not reason to kill Assange. As I said, a lot of people already knew the reality, a lot of people have been writing about it.

A more likely target for murder would be someone like William Blum, or Chris Floyd.

I almost never disagree with Arthur Silber, but I think he's really mis-fired on this one.

At August 04, 2010 10:50 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Charles,

You have a good point regarding Assange though I suppose they might want to make an example of him in which case... but I think you are most likely correct here.

Silber is great, I understand where he is coming from regarding breaking the rules but I'm looking at it from a different perspective. I'm looking at it as a tactic, one that does not work and might even make things worse. It's like liberals are living in the past, what's worked in the past. But what has worked in the past may not work today because things have changed, for the worse.

In the end there are any number of approaches that might work but if nobody is interested in pursuing them what good are they? I still think a coalition of the various factions is the best bet, even if we could reduce the brutality by one eighth that would be major. As it is we are like ghosts squeaking in a dusty corner of a deserted house.

At August 05, 2010 8:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Things have changed, the changes are pretty illuminating --or, if you are among the liberals and progressives who thought the Dems were "the good guys," the changes are highly unsettling.

What we are seeing now is the heel-digging of those engaged in a game of tug o' war, and they think the game of tug o' war is reality itself. They have magically within their own minds convinced themselves that the charade of political theatre IS REALITY, and so they hitch up their trousers, roll up their sleeves, wipe their hands clean, and grasp that rope with all their might. They dig in those heels and pull hard against their foes across the trench.

The tug o' war is all they know. They can't imagine that the tug o' war is symbolism; it has completely taken over the landscape.

We see this in every stressed mega-society. It's not too unlike Germany in Hitler's era, though I'm not sure who would be our analog to the hated and scapegoated Jews of Hitler's era. As a guess I'd wager that from the Dem side it's the "tea partiers" and from the Repub side it's whomever can be categorized (wrongly, of course) as a "socialist" -- including (with great error) POTUS 44 Obama.

I guess we ghosts will have to keep creaking the floors in this old haunted house. Maybe we'll get to star in a movie or a reality TV show!

In any case, I could be wrong about Assange being in danger. However, I still think there are people whose work threatens The Imperial Project far more than does WikiLeaks, and I think those are the people who will be disappeared, if anyone.


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