Sunday, October 03, 2010

Rick Sanchez

Phillip Weiss suggests that Rick Sanchez was fired partly for his sympathetic coverage of Palistinians, citing this clip above. But that was January of 2009. If it's just based on his recent comments on Jews CNN's dumping him is clearly unfair, especially if you use Lou Dobb's years of immigrant baiting as a yardstick.

His comments on Jon Stewart are more problematic. I admit I haven't watched Stewart in a while and I don't know to what extent Stewart went after him, but I'm inclined to think Sanchez was being unfair in calling him a bigot. In the audio clip below it sounded at first as if he was edging towards a broader critique of US oligarchic groupthink which might include unwavering support for wars of empire, but then he threw that "northeast intellectual elite" bit in and seemed to settle into a groove. Of course he would have to take CNN and the news media establishment to task as well if he attacked Stewart for that.Then again, maybe he wanted to be fired. I often wonder that when I hear of a high-profile individual's missteps in an interview.(Gawker,audio clip)

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At October 03, 2010 9:54 AM, Blogger Bob In Pacifica said...

I really don't know Rick Sanchez from Adam, I rarely watch cable television news because you end up knowing less when you do and your mind is cluttered up with the memes of the ruling class.

What was disturbing was how Sanchez easily settled into right-wing hate memes, the Jews control the world stuff. Reading comments at SF Gate (the San Francisco Chronicle website) you get mouthbreathers claim that the Jews "control" the White House. That is, they control the Kenyan Muslim stealth socialist guy.

I don't dismiss religious organizations from any dabbling in power politics, but I've always found that at the end it's money and power that is what really is worshipped. Blaming Jews is a tried and true scapegoating okeydoke employed by the ruling elite to shift criticism from them. After all, when Jews were blamed for controlling world banking there were a couple of Jews who were international bankers, but mostly it was Protestants and Catholics.

Rick Sanchez, may, in fact, have been auditioning for Fox. After all, he worked for them in Southern Florida around the time he got drunk killed someone.

At October 03, 2010 2:51 PM, Blogger Jonathan Versen said...

Hi Bob,

I guess I heard it differently. As far as I can tell Sanchez was just suggesting that Jews dominate the US news and entertainment media, not that they control the world. Maybe he also thinks the second thing and restrained himself, or not. Anyway, I don't see him getting hired at Fox. At this point he's untouchable at the network level, and possibly even below that.

Like I said I don't think it's worse than Lou Dobbs railing against those no-good wetbacks wanting to reconquer the US Southwest, which he did for years with impunity. If that's the standard he didn't deserve to be fired.

At October 03, 2010 7:25 PM, Blogger Jonathan Versen said...

And, FYI, there's IOZ's interpretation.

At October 05, 2010 9:12 AM, Blogger micah holmquist said...

I doubt that this had anything to do with any reporting/stances from Sanchez. It is my understanding that his rating were low enough so that he could have been fired for just that.

I’m sure that Sanchez doesn’t fit in perfectly with media elites, most of whom aren’t Jewish, but if his evidence of this is that Jon Stewart made fun of him, he has no evidence.

I believe that Lou Dobbs, on the other hand, had a fairly profitable show. I’m not saying this makes things right…


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