Friday, August 05, 2011

Rich people need hugs too

Arthur Laffer on Fox, via Media Matters

Fox Hosts Art Laffer To Claim "You Gotta Cut Government Spending" To Get Out Of Recession.From the August 5 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom.

I imagine there actually are people who don't realize how absurd Laffer's "two person economy" model is and need it explained to them. Laffer is a dangerously irresponsible man.

Alex Pareene, The baffling paranoia of rich guys against Obama:
The president who preserved a system rigged for the haves now faces their (confused) wrath.

Ken Langone* doesn't strike me as being the least bit confused, and I don't doubt that he knew that BHO meant to accommodate the right wing agenda of his ostensible opponents. But hey, Pareene has a paid writing gig and I don't, so what do I know. This article from earlier this week originally had a video from late July(i.e. last week), which CNBC has subsequently yanked. I think this is it, below:

*Actually I agree with Langone that BHO shouldn't call the super rich "fatcats." It sounds kind of silly, and suggests that the president thinks poor people are just resentful and stupid, as opposed to thinking they are really hurting and being concerned with fairness. This is awfully unseemly of him, almost a "tell." He really should call them his employers.

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