Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Racist America Racist Israel

The Nose Job

Obama will make a few changes here and there most of them designed to put a pretty face on imperialism such as his recent request to halt the trials at Gitmo for 120 days. Gitmo is perhaps the most obvious wart on America’s nose so it is perhaps logical if one is going to put a pretty face on imperialism to give it a nose job. Keep in mind that Gitmo is just the tip of the iceberg for kidnapping innocent people and sending them to other nations where torture and death soon follow. I wouldn’t expect that to change nor even hear any mention of it from our new prince. After all torture is a traditional American value whose roots go back to the invasion of the Philippines over one hundred years ago. And once precedents are set, like extraordinary rendition, they usually become a permanent fixture. And if there is one Gitmo there are bound to be many more just like it. So the real beauty of this is that if and when Obama does close Gitmo the others will be free to operate all the more unfettered because, after all, we closed Gitmo didn’t we? Mission accomplished.

It is not that I am unaware or immune to the fact that a black man could finally become president yet I find this of little significance considering what being president actually entails. What it entails is the continuance of projecting violence, interfering in other nation’s governments, regime change, assassination, and extraordinary rendition (think kidnapping) and an unquestioning belief that the ends justify the means. For if one is to seek such power as the American presidency it is required that one should fully believe in America’s right to rule the world as it sees fit which seems to justify just about any atrocity.

Furthermore before I go gaga for Obama as some kind of symbol that racism is now a thing of the past in America it will take much more than Obama’s claim that blacks are ninety percent on their way to being equal to eradicate racism in America. To believe such a statement borders on the moronic. If anything such beliefs may make it more difficult for blacks to achieve the same social and economic status as white males. The same thing holds true for our imperial wars. Making war prettier and more palatable for the public hardly changes the sickening stench of such things and only makes it more difficult to halt. These are the hazards of putting your trust in charismatic leaders which Obama seems to be for many. I don’t find him so charismatic myself but perhaps after eight years of an ugly smirking chimp even Obama can appear to be charismatic to the desperate.

Frankly I find the changing of the guard with the coming of Obama to be of little importance at all. What is important is that the mean machine of arrogant American military aggression will continue unabated if not downright accelerated which is more likely than not considering Obama’s repeated claims for America leading the world. It is quite likely that we are in the twilight of our imperial endeavors as the focus of our imperial wars changes to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. For one thing there is the fact that we cannot sustain paying the gargantuan and ruinous costs of invading and occupying foreign nations. Secondly, the military is already stretched beyond what they can actually accomplish which is likely the true fount for Obama’s enthusiasm for making nice with other nations in that he will need not only their cooperation but the warm bodies of their troops. Be that as it may the twilight of American aggression can continue on for many a year especially if it gets infusions of fresh blood from other nations.

The Only Good Palestinian is a Dead Palestinian

Though Americans shiver in their boots at the mere mention of that all-encompassing term “terrorist” (anyone who is a victim of or objects to being a victim of U.S. terrorism) the true terrorists are the U.S. government and the Israel government. For sixty odd years Israel has been terrorizing the Palestinians while gobbling up their land. And they have been doing so with the full approval of and support of the U.S. government. State Terror has become the main export of the U.S. and it is little wonder that Obama has remained silent on the massacre we have all just witnessed. To think, to even imagine, that we are the true terrorists is completely beyond the comprehension of the completely indoctrinated Obama whose only real objection to the Iraq War was that it was the wrong war though that did not stop him for waxing orgasmic over the “success” of the recent so-called surge in Iraq.

Civilians have always been the purposeful targets of military operations by both the U.S. and the Israeli. It was true in Vietnam and Iraq and it is true in Gaza. How else could one possibly describe the intentional bombing of schools, hospitals, ambulances, universities and what have you? The intention of such tactics of course is the idea that if you make the civilians suffer greatly enough they will then cease to support Hamas. But it is far more likely that the exact opposite is true. No, there is nothing quite like state terror and compared to the U.S. and Israel bin Laden is small potatoes. In fact it is a disservice to actually refer to what is occurring in Gaza as an actual war for nothing could be further from the truth. It is actually nothing but pure murder with a modern well equipped and well funded army on one side and helpless victims of state terror on the other. The predominant philosophy of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force, as if it was ever used for defense or anything but aggression) is if it moves, shoot it.

Recently I have been reading that the idea Hamas was democratically elected is a myth. Really? Really and truly? This is a remarkable interpretation of history though as we know history is often rewritten to suit the conscience of people who do not want the truth to be known. Why even the Washington Post has said that Hamas was democratically elected and the WaPo is hardly known for being anything but the mouthpiece of the ruling class and cheerleaders for war here in the States.


RAMALLAH, West Bank, Jan. 26 -- The radical Islamic movement Hamas won a large majority in the new Palestinian parliament, according to official election results announced Thursday, trouncing the governing Fatah party in a contest that could dramatically reshape the Palestinians' relations with Israel and the rest of the world.

In Wednesday's voting, Hamas claimed 76 of the 132 parliamentary seats, giving the party at war with Israel the right to form the next cabinet under the Palestinian Authority's president, Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of Fatah.

Fatah, which has dominated the legislature since the previous elections a decade ago and the Palestinian cause for far longer, won 43 seats. A collection of nationalist, leftist and independent parties claimed the rest.

Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia, another Fatah leader, resigned his post along with his cabinet early Thursday, as reports of Hamas's victory began to circulate. Although the cabinet would have been required to step aside even if Fatah had retained its majority, Qureia acknowledged in submitting his resignation that Hamas had earned the right to form the next cabinet.

"This is the choice of the people," Qureia, a member of the party's discredited old guard who did not run for reelection, told reporters here. "It should be respected."

That seems clear to me, Hamas was elected by the Palestinians in a democratic election. But this was clearly too much for Israel and the U.S. for in our convictions of our own sainthood as the moral leaders of the world we cannot and have not tolerated anyone or any nation to defy us (unless they could fight back). By the way this is the true reason for our aggressive posture towards Iran for Iran is defying the incomparable and almighty U.S. and how dare they? Iran was never a threat to the U.S., and their supposed pursuit of nuclear weapons is not the reason for causing U.S. ire against them. It is the fact that they dare defy us and it is highly likely that they will be made an example of just as Israel is making an example of Gaza as a reminder to those who forget who the real masters are.

For Gaza though there is much more than just teaching the Palestinians a lesson. It is that the Israeli wish to ensure that the Palestinians remain without any influence on Israeli policy, a policy that includes the eventual complete eradication of Palestinians or crushing them so completely that they will never achieve any kind of statehood that those dirty brown animals might use to cause Israel to make any concessions at all. For in the end the essence of this slaughter is out and out racism and just as white America did their best to keep the darkies from voting and impregnating their white women so the Israeli are afraid that the darkies might someday dictate to the mighty whites of Israel who after all are mostly white European immigrants.

Surely the irony of Obama being the panacea for racism while supporting the slaughter of Palestinians cannot be lost on you liberals out there, or perhaps it is.


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