Saturday, August 15, 2009

Georgia Goes to Afghanistan

I’m not sure what is supposed to be taking place in the picture above. Possibly the Georgian soldiers always bring a spare or perhaps those are American advisors they are carrying who are teaching the Georgian soldiers how to walk in preparation for sending 750 of them to Afghanistan to help murder more Afghans along side of the U.S. military and NATO. The price for NATO membership, evidently, is to have the ability to kill whoever NATO or the U.S. tells you to kill without complaining.


In contrast to some NATO allies that impose restrictions on where their forces can go and what they can do in Afghanistan, the Georgian military will send its troops with none of these so-called caveats, a decision viewed by American officials as intended to indicate Georgia’s worthiness for potential alliance membership.

Are you devoid of morals and willing to kill innocent civilians without remorse? Then you are worthy of becoming a member of NATO as well.

Speaking of NATO I’m reminded of the Cold War and how with its ending NATO really should have ceased to exist as its purpose had been removed but naturally this didn’t occur. The whole reason for the U.S. having the world’s most expensive military ought to have been brought into question as well. We no longer need to outspend all other nations on the military and among many other things, part of the reason for the terror wars of today is to justify the existence of such an extensive military as we now possess. The U.S. military, along with NATO needed a new enemy to justify its very existence and found it in the form of so-called terrorists. One rather blatant problem with this has been you cannot wage war with terrorists because terrorists are not bound to any one nation or region and are not nation states themselves. Terrorism calls for police work not tanks as has long been argued by many people. Also what would go far in mitigating a terrorist threat would be for the West to stop raping the East. Duh.

How pathetic all of this is. The military-industrial-complex is like a black hole in two aspects. First of all, we throw enormous sums of cash at it which disappears from existence like throwing it into a black hole. Secondly, the more money it eats the bigger and more powerful it becomes and sucks in even more money like a black hole growing more powerful from the matter it consumes. They say that given enough time black holes eventually evaporate but our own personal black hole is very far from that stage it would seem. Frankly I have no idea how long we can travel the outer marches of the imperial road. Maybe another ten years, perhaps fifty. Whatever it may be at the rate of spending now under way it certainly isn’t sustainable. And this is why it is so pathetic not only because it is abysmally and dismally useless and unnecessary but even more because it seems the most we can hope for is for that the government will run out of money for our imperial wars. That really is pathetic and I’m not sure what it says about us as a people.


At August 16, 2009 7:49 PM, Anonymous grimmy said...

Hi Rob,

as far as I can see the oligarchy is running unchecked and only getting worse. as far as ordinary people tuning out, you can knock them if you want.

but I sometimes wonder if that's so bad compared to people who know they're powerless and the oligarchy doesn't give a damn about them, but keep participating in the process and bestowing legitimacy on our overlords by voting.

At August 16, 2009 8:58 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Grimmy,
I’m not knocking any one group as to where the blame lies. I’m just commenting on how pathetic it is how helpless we are in regard to the place of the common people in the power structure as it exists. Basically I would say we are pretty much left without any options. Writing letters, signing petitions, organizing protests which are then ignored or ridiculed by the news media, all seem pretty ineffectual.

On the topic of knowingly voting for candidates that will actively support the imperialism I think everyone needs to decide that for themselves. For me it’s a moral issue, I won’t vote for any candidate that doesn’t actually oppose war so I end up not voting at all. In fact I believe that everyone should refuse to vote on moral grounds but I can only speak for myself.


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