Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Is Karzai Krazy?

I don’t think so. An important part of any con is the details. The big con that is going down today is that the U.S. and its wavering bought and paid for “allies” are nation building in Afghanistan and laughably poor Iraq. Job number one of installing a puppet government – otherwise known as nation building – is you must create the appearance that your bought and paid for puppet government (Included in your nation building kit are one third world nation, one crooked thug to prop up as a leader, trillions of devalued dollars, your very own toy soldiers to do with as you will, and numerous moving and life-like targets to shoot)is legitimate. This is extremely important for the puppeteers because then all your bought and paid for friends in Europe and elsewhere can all pretend that the puppet government is legitimate so everyone can be ever so happy to pretend that they aren’t raping and pillaging. And everyone knows that the raping and pillaging is the best part! Surely Krazy Karzai knew this and since he was the only game left in town after he outmaneuvered his rival Abdullah Abdullah, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the lovelies he is of course now pronounced man and legitimacy and Obama can now forever hold his peace.

Of course Obama has lowered the doom of “or else” upon Krazy Karzai who has six months to clean up Dodge or get out of town. We’ll see. If I were Krazy Karzai I’d get those pearl handled six-shooters out and practice shooting some cans. We saw what happens to legitimate leaders once they fall out of favor with the Empire as in the case of Saddam. Still, it looks like Obama is stuck with his erstwhile pal Krazy Karzai for a little while and six months from now, well, a lot of things can happen in six months including unfortunate accidents.

In a way this is just justice. During the last election the big sell to the corporate kingpins coming from the Demokrat's korner was that they would be the steady hand behind the wheel of the imperial barge (barges are drawn by donkeys by the way). The Republican leadership was described as incompetent and the Democrats would be ever so much cleverer than W. Bush for they and they alone knew that the right and righteous war was in Afghanistan not silly old Iraq for Pete’s sake. And now here is the Democratic leadership with egg all over their faces, cheeks rosy and burning like a blushing bride with Krazy Karzai on their powdered schnozz in the form of a big ugly and hairy wart. If people weren’t dying I could laugh. Youz guys is Kompetent!

This is where the layers of hypocrisy and lies can tangle you up. The issue is not about who is competent and who isn’t. The issue isn’t about if we are winning or losing. The issue isn’t about a choice between Afghanistan and Iraq. The issue is and always has been the morality of attacking and occupying other nations under false pretenses in order to enrich a few of the most wealthy.


At November 04, 2009 8:36 PM, Blogger Jonathan Versen said...

I'm wondering if Abdullah Abdullah was bought out, and I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering about this.

At November 04, 2009 9:14 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Jonathan,
Considering that the Afghan government is one of the most corrupt (along with Iraq, my we do have the golden touch) governments in the world that wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Actually considering how these things work another question might be which Afghan politician isn’t bought out? Still, I think the official story is probably pretty close to happened – that because Karzai was going to use the same election officials in the second election and Abdullah figured that Karzai would just rig the election again which is almost certain. That some money was given to Abdullah to smooth the way is not out of the question by any means, after all that’s what most of those guys want. I’m assuming you mean that Karzai or his people gave money to Abdullah to step down because I’m not sure it would make sense for the U.S. to do so especially if they would like to see Karzai evaporate which I’m sure they do. It actually is important to the U.S. that the Afghan government be seen as legitimate and Karzai flushed that down the toilet. No, the U.S. isn’t happy with Karzai at all. Good.


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