Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ironies all the Way Down

There is no opposition to Obama’s War coming from congress, not really. What is a given is that we must stay the course in Afghanistan the only differences arise in the arena of strategy not if the war should continue or not.

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The president is reportedly frustrated that the debate has become polarised between those who want to send more troops and their critics, who say it would lead to another Vietnam. They advocate more reliance on drones and special forces.

There you have it. The great split among the gods of Olympus is either more troops or more drones with special forces (Too many James Bond movies?)to boot. The third option, the option that a significant number if not a majority of Americans want which is to get out of Afghanistan altogether doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight and that’s because, why? Rhetorical question alert! If you guessed it’s because what you want doesn’t even amount to less than a hill of beans you win the prize. No, not the Nobel.

The U.S. has become a parody of itself, everything is bigger than life. W. Bush gave us a parody of the rugged individual, a man of few words yet resolute, the hard-bitten decider with a fake Texas twang. Obama is a liberal’s wet-dream, an articulate, intelligent black man who speaks like they do, isn’t too threatening even though he is black because he has assimilated himself completely in white culture. See? It’s all a joke, a great big farcical rollicking joke only I’m not laughing.

This fantastical journey or wonders is going to continue. We’ll be wondering when it will end, wondering when we will run out of money, that’s why it’s a journey of wonders. Basically as long as there is profit for the defense (war) industry, as long as private contractors can rake in the dough, as long as oil is to be had, and Russia and China to be contained, the wars will continue. And don’t leave the generals out, for they of the Pentagon and the ribbon festooned chests assuredly have their decrepit and warty snouts in the old pig trough as well. It’s just one big happy family after all.

And these are the people who go down in history as great and noble shining examples of humanity. They will talk of their legacies and of their great foresight and vision or perhaps of their military genius. Only a handful will bother with the great artists past or present. It seems to me it is the artists, the composers, painters, sculptors, poets, and authors, are those who make the greatest contributions to humanity, not the bloody tyrants and their acolytes.

And so the irony of giving a Nobel Peace Prize to Obama is just one more irony piled on top of more irony, it’s in fact, ironies all the way down.


At October 11, 2009 6:43 AM, Blogger Mimi said...

The ironies continue as the "liberals" rejoice over O. getting the prize. Those of us who aren't clapping our hands over it are accused of being reactionaries, prejudiced, or even worse, Republicans.

At October 11, 2009 9:43 AM, Blogger Charles F. Oxtrot said...

Yep, Mimi -- I've been called a Rethug many times, just for questioning The Obamessiah's Glorious Stewardship. People are scared, they're terrified of losing their "winning team" tribal identity, and therefore they refuse to imagine the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans. They are so busy feeling superior for NOT being Republicans that they can't imagine the status of non-Republican-therefore-Democrat isn't the noble, highminded and pure status they have always believed.


Rob --

See? It’s all a joke, a great big farcical rollicking joke only I’m not laughing.

I'm with you all the way there. Obama was chosen as a brilliant psy-op, the Black man who will helm Bush/Cheney's Third Term while spouting libwool pwoggie rhetoric to make it seem that we have tons of Hope and that there have been important Changes from Rethug Government.

It's enough to make a fella puke.

On the (+) side of things, I am noticing more Donkeys questioning the Donkey Party these days. Nothing like a critical mass that would make a 3d party automatically succeed, but a far cry from the apologetics of Spring 2009, where everyone said "you're being too hasty, give him a chance." People are noticing that the many chances have passed The Mighty Obamessiah by, many chances, without The Big O changing one damned thing from the course set by Bush/Cheney.

I insist we need to emphasize the WIBDI test.

What If Bush Did It?

At October 11, 2009 6:31 PM, Blogger rob payne said...


We must be ever vigilant of those reactionaries! Imagine reacting to the death and carnage, what nerve.


Obama is smooth alright. I agree with you about looking at some positive aspects and any ground gained however small is worthwhile. There are other powers rising that will someday soon end the American unipolar world economically. This should help rein in U.S. imperial escapades. In fact it is social progress on a world wide scale, not just centered about the U.S.


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