Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The 4th way, or possibly the 5th way. Sorry, I've lost track

The best way, possibly, to fix the deal is to primary you-know-who, and the rest of his minions. Mockery of the tea party and the falseness of their grass-roots origins notwithstanding, that's what they did.

Does the democratic party deserve saving? This is a silly question; what does "deserve" have to do with anything? It's like saying this cardboard box has been in my family for years, and it used to contain some really swell stuff. I can't throw it away.

It needs to be retooled to serve people's needs if this is possible, or discarded if it isn't, with no sentimentality. It's had a good run, or a bad run, or a mostly bad run with some bright moments, or whatever.

It may of course be too late, as a key provision of the poison pill is scheduled to take place in late 2012, just after the election.

Oh by the way, welcome back.

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