Thursday, January 29, 2009

Booza Bozo

I’m in a crappy mood in a crappy country in a crappy world and the U.S. is seemingly going off the deep end. The economy is sinking further into a depression with jobs evaporating along with everything else. Here in sunny California the state is broke and will be sending tax returns in the form of IOUs. If it wasn’t so pathetic it might be funny but it isn’t.

Rock star Obama seems to be like the second coming of Jesus Christ as he spreads fairy dust over a broke and busted nation while plotting his insane plans for extending the Bush wars. Nobody seems to know why Obama is doing this and I doubt if Obama even knows why he is doing this but it remains that he is doing this. On top of this we still send billions of dollars to Israel to prop up their slaughter house in Gaza as they keep gobbling Palestinian land in one end while excreting human corpses out the other end. If Obama keeps it up the well will soon dry up, turn to dust, and blow away and then we can all sing a rousing rendition of “The Answer my Friend, is Blowing in the Wind.”

The gigantic cosmic vacuum cleaner employed by the super wealthy has sucked almost all the money from the masses leaving behind a dehydrated corpse, shriveled and emaciated. But fear not fellow travelers for we will be well protected from the terrorists who probably now need do nothing to avenge the death of millions as the U.S. self destructs like a demented tottering destructo robot that just ran out of oil for its creaking joints and is ready to fall to the earth in a steaming mound of rusted junk metal. Soon the grass will be growing up through the pieces as field mice scurry through the hulking rust bucket building nests.

Above it all the face of Obama floats like some new modern day Wizard of Oz as he beams and smiles over the wasteland of carnage that planet Earth has become. I don’t know why people think this guy is smart, he sounds like a real dope to me. “Duh, Israel has the missiles to uh, well, duh, ya know, like if my family, …pause…., ya know well if my family had a missile then uh, uh, uh, like ya know, my favorite, by the way, my favorite movie is Casablanca, and Casablancan families have the right to uh, ya know, like protect themselves from ya know, well if I was a Casablancan I would want to protect it. …From like other missiles and their families.”

Meanwhile Americans wax nostalgic over the 1950’s and dream of Leave it to Beaver while Ward slugs down another bottle of booze. By the way, the word booze is of Egyptian origin, actually derived from the word “booza” the Egyptian word for beer. Come to think of it the crowning glory of civilization is that it has created a world of alcoholics stumbling about in a daze mumbling about this and that. But with world leaders like Obama who can blame them?


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