Sunday, January 04, 2009

More Death in the Promised Land

Reading today’s Guardian it looks very much like Israel is determined to completely subjugate the Palestinians trapped in Gaza with the launching of a brutal ground war.

As usual the United States government turns reality on its head.

Diplomatic efforts to end the conflict were appearing to falter. Late on Saturday night, the US blocked the approval of a UN security council statement calling for an immediate ceasefire.

Alejandro Wolff, the US deputy ambassador, said Hamas would not agree to halt the violence and that a new statement "would not be adhered to and would have no underpinning for success, would not do credit to the council".

The fact is that Israel had cut the Palestinians off from food, electrical power, and medicine, a calculated and deliberate plan to goad Hamas into firing more rockets into Israel thereby giving Israel the excuse to launch an all-out war against Gaza. Europe has by and large ceded the Israel/Palestinian conflict to the United States which is indeed unfortunate for the Palestinians.

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, spoke of his "extreme concerns and disappointment" about the invasion, and France also condemned Israel's ground attack.

However, Jiri Potuznik, a spokesman for the EU presidency, which is currently held by the Czech Republic, issued a statement that was strikingly supportive of Israel, saying: "At the moment, from the perspective of the last days, we understand this step as a defensive, not offensive, action

No this is not a defensive action rather it is completely an offensive action. It is the continuation of years of Israeli expansionism and it seems obvious that Israel will not stop until the Palestinians are completely subjugated to Israeli rule with no two state solutions in sight. Without a two state solution the Palestinians face a future as second rate citizens of Israel subject to the same fate of the American Indians who were eventually confined to reservations on the bleakest and most unproductive areas of the United States where they were condemned to live in poverty, a rather nasty form of slavery by any standard as they were then totally dependent on the federal government.

One of the facts of life for U.S. politics is that the Israeli lobby has a heavy influence on any national election to the point where politicians are dependant on the Israeli lobby for the huge amounts of cash needed to win elections. This is the main cause for the deafening silence from the Democratic leadership including our new hero Obama. For if Obama wishes to be reelected for a second term he knows he better toe the line for Israel or else. The second cause for the silence is that no one is more indoctrinated than politicians who for the most part actually believe their silly and delusional rhetoric for as you can imagine it takes vast amounts of justification to do what politicians do. The third reason for the silence is that the U.S. system of government has been so corrupted by the corporate stranglehold that no U.S. politician can ever hope to climb to the top of the heap without becoming a whore for corporate America. In other words no politician would ever be allowed to be nominated, much less elected president, who actually represented any kind of substantial change. The system would never allow it for the system would never allow any politician to challenge or threaten the status quo.

Enabling all of this are the big purveyors of propaganda the mainstream news media who are themselves willing slaves to the American government/corporate whore establishment by mindlessly repeating whatever idiot government “official” says verbatim, leaving pertinent facts out, or just plain out and out lying. Occasionally they will actually report part of the truth or let a journalist criticize the system but this only helps to project the idea that the news media is interested in reporting the facts without twisting them into an unrecognizable pretzel that Houdini could not untangle without going cross-eyed.

Perhaps Israel is nothing but the last gasp of Eurocentric colonialism which began hundreds of years ago, the U.S. being another example, where the western world has abused, enslaved, murdered, stolen, and manipulated so-called third world nations through the advantage of superior technology. However that may be it does nothing to lessen the horrors that are now being unleashed by Israel who is fully backed by the United States against an essentially helpless people.

As we move into the future one question people might be asking -- considering Obama’s asinine rhetoric about Afghanistan and Iran -- is that if Iran is such an all-powerful threat to the American empire how come they are unable to come to the aid of the Palestinians? Short answer: they are not a threat and never were except in the paranoid and diseased minds of the Israeli and U.S. leadership.

But that won’t stop Obama from waging his precious little wars once he is sworn into office as the next imperial manager.

And looking at the picture of the Israeli soldier above one cannot help but notice that he resembles a slave weighed down by tons of gear and his goofy looking bonnet as he slavishly and mindlessly carries out the atrocities mandated by his government. This is what national leaders do to you. Turn you into slaves of the state. Cannon fodder for whatever pointless and useless wars drummed up by the bottom feeding slugs who rule our lives.

First they dress you up like a clown, pull the strings to make you dance to their tune, then flush you down the toilet.


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