Friday, February 06, 2009


I was gratified to be mentioned in a post by Who is Ioz which surprised me greatly since I really have very few readers so that was kind of Ioz to take notice of a nobody like myself so thank you Ioz.

I have often asked myself why I write and there are really only two reasonable answers the first being it is a form of self therapy finding myself surrounded by lunatics and secondly it helps me to sort out my own world views on what is happening and why. I really don’t expect to ever be popular nor do I really wish to be. That would be far more responsibility than I would ever wish to be burdened with. However I have to admit it is nice to be noticed by someone occasionally which I believe is only natural. I make no claims to be on the same level of political savvy or writing ability as Dennis Perrin, Chris Floyd, Ioz, Arthur Silber, Jonathan Schwarz, Justin Raimondo and the like but I do like to let off a little steam and hopefully my writing is getting better with time.

My own political views have changed greatly in the past several years having been formerly an apologist for the Democrats who I now view with avid disgust. In fact I view the entire government with avid disgust. I think that the libertarians are probably much closer to my present day views though I don’t really identify with any political party now in existence. I hope that someday humanity will advance past the point of even needing governments and political parties whose reason for existence seems to be to cause everyone else to live in abject misery. As Arthur Silber has pointed out many times anyone who wishes to run other people’s lives or even believes that they know better than everyone else and that they should run other peoples lives because of this is someone you would never ever want to meet. This is a fundamental truth in my opinion. This is not to say that some people are not more aware of the state of politics than others because nothing could be more evident. This is also not to say that I believe that people are inherently bad or anything of that nature though I do believe that people can be made to behave badly through the effects of the way our cultures have evolved. I firmly believe that what most take for granted as being natural most certainly is not natural in any way. The reality that for better or worse which we live and act in is only one possibility among many and only exists as it does through a series of accidents of history. Things could be much worse yet they could be much, much better.

Most of the more brutal aspects of life, for example, such as the horrific conditions that the Palestinians have been forced to live in, are not a result of some basic bestial nature of humanity rather it is the result of the effects of the Israeli culture on the Israeli which is basically Eurocentric as is ours here in the States. Also it is worth noting that it is through the machinations and propaganda of the Israeli government as well as our own that causes the majority of the Israeli citizens and Americans to have supported the recent assault on Gaza. To argue that the nature of man is internalized and that it is too easy to blame external forces is to ignore the power and all-encompassing effects of culture that defines our own nature, world views and behavior. When I see a film of Israeli children throwing rocks at Palestinians I believe they are merely emulating the behavior of the adults around them. It is without a doubt just as possible to have raised these children to be something quite different. But that is the power of culture and we ignore it at our own very great risk of relegating humanity to exist in the self-made hell that we now inhabit.


At February 06, 2009 7:13 PM, Blogger Jonathan Versen said...

Good for you-- now
"who is Rob Payne?"
is not a question IOZ will ask anymore, I guess.

At February 06, 2009 9:58 PM, Blogger rob payne said...

The Shadow knows.

My nose knows.

The nose knows no bounds.


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