Friday, October 21, 2011

21 October 2011

video 1, above The Alyona Show ( Sep 30th) Can we Stop a Second Great Depression?

video 2 (October 1st): Keiser Report: 'WW3 will make us all rich' pt 1, Interview with Roseanne Barr in pt 2. (E191)

Apparently titles must grab your attention or they are useless. Are things that dire? Are the super-duper-mega rich that evil? I guess we'll find out in due time, or a bit sooner. I don't see how Soros' centralized treasury can work, especially if all you are doing generating more debt and not writing any of it off. It will only forestall a default and make it worse when it finally comes. As Stacy Herbert says at around 3:00-5:00 in the Max Keiser video, increased centralization is dangerous. She's not specifically talking about Soros but rather the EU's Barroso, but the principle still applies. Barroso seems more concerned with consolidating the power of the EU organization(and presumably Germany) rather than help the Greeks or the overall economic situation. Barroso talks aboput ensuring the "integrity of the Euro area...and it's financial stability" as if the fortunes of ordinary people in Europe are in fact aligned with the "integrity of the Euro area."

I'd say that's pretty questionable. Why should the weaker EU countries surrender more of their sovereignty to an EU central bank? So far the EU has been disastrous for them, much as the 2008 bank bailout has been a net negative for most Americans. When people discuss the bailout in the establishment media, they almost always do it in terms of our choice having been the bailout or nothing, which is obviously a false equation. (Although I recall that in 2009 Jim Rogers argued that even doing nothing may have been preferable. I gather he has since modified his view somewhat.) -JV

John Emerson, Trollblog:
Obama has blown his Presidency
JE:" I look at the future with dread. I have no useful advice to give and am just thinking day to day...It wasn't liberals that didn't vote in 2010. It was the new Democrats that Obama suckered with empty slogans and then betrayed."

Cops Who Stay Undercover and Murdered Whistle-Blowers

Abby Zimet,Common Dreams: In Praise of Hippies

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"Emergency Committee For Israel Board Member Advocates Genocide Of Palestinians" | Political Correction (via John Emerson, who feels that Rachel Decter Abrams is a pretty influential person.)

Debt, Deficits, and Modern Monetary Theory — An Interview with Bill Mitchell | Harvard International

ColorLines Magazine, There’s An App for That: Figure Out How Many ‘Slaves’ Work for You

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