Friday, November 25, 2011

25 November 2011

above:Global Recession Looms as Euro Crisis Deepens

Nov 23rd: Costas Lapavitsas: Regulation is not enough, the public must take over the financial system.

Ian Welsh, "What's happening in Europe is what matters: rules of the financial rich"

from WikiNews:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan apologizes on behalf of the state for the 1937–38 Dersim Massacre.

The interim government of Egypt resigns amid violent protests in which at least 30 people have been killed and more than 1,500 wounded.

Two from Pink Scare, a new(to me) blog which reads like it is written by an academic, but accessibly so:

Nov 2nd: Is the Problem the 1% or the System?

Nov 16th: Chicago's Democrat Machine Votes Unanimously For Austerity

This is a declaration of war by the 1% against the 99% right here in Chicago. The bill cuts over $400 million out of city services: It shuts down 6 of 12 Chicago Dept of Public Health clinics, it cuts $63 million from Family and Support services (which has already eliminated 63 full-time jobs this year alone), slashes full-time public library staff by 32% (on top of the 10% cuts last year) laying off more than 300 librarians, reduces hours for libraries, makes cuts to firefighter pay and closes fire-stations, etc. Meanwhile Rahm is pushing hard for big tax breaks (e.g. $23 million for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange) for the wealthy as well as public transit fare hikes.

Charles E. Lindblom, "Muddling Through" [PDF link; I'd never heard of Lindblom before reading Pink Scare. He looks like an interesting thinker.]

Healthcare Now, "Sponsor a Single-Payer Activist"

Blue Nile: 'High-end market is the healthiest'

Blue Nile CEO Mark Vadon discusses Black Friday sales for the online jeweler, and says the 'healthiest part of the market is the very high-end.'

MSN Money: "Over 55 and desperate for work"(via Fiscal Times)

Florida assistant principal calls police on kissing 12-year-olds

Chicago Tribune,"Competitive Shopping" Cited in Wal-Mart Pepper Spray Attack

Talking Points Memo, Gov. Brownback's Complaint About Student Tweet Lands Kansas Teenager In Principal’s Office

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