Saturday, November 05, 2011

Assorted OWS related clips 5 Nov 2011

The video above, "Gov. Scott Walker gets checked, Mic Checked!" is from a meeting this past Thursday, but the rest are from October:

Uploaded by IOccupyFor on Nov 4, 2011: When Wisconsin Governor gave a speech at Chicago's Union League Club the morning of Nov 3rd, he has some unexpected guests: Stand Up! Chicago

via and Avedon Carol

below, October 21, 2011 McLaughlin: Occupy Wall Street Demands Are Preposterous!

I've heard of OWS protesters demanding free college tuition and demanding student loans being canceled, but I've never heard them demanding a 20 dollar/hour minimum wage as McLaughlin suggests they have, so I am skeptical. Have you heard or seen anything about this?

Naomi Klein @ Occupy Wall Street 10-06-2011

And here's a video of Naomi Wolf being arrested a week or so later[via Occupy Cyberspace, where she offers some comments about the events.]

And finally, here's snarky Sam Seder, "Prediction: Occupy Wall Street Will Outlast Erin Burnett's Show. Seriously." Uploaded by Seder on Oct 7, 2011. I tend to think he will be wrong, and the authorities will become more aggressive before the year is over, and this first round of OWS style protest will disperse, but we'll see.

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