Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A nation of modern means

A headline in the Los Angeles Times asks ”Koran burning: Can military do more to avoid offending Muslims?” Certainly, the American military can get out of Afghanistan. The LAT asks this like a child asking, why is the grass green or the sky blue in wide eyed innocence. The stupidity of such a question leaves one breathless. One can almost picture an America gallumping around the globe like some kind of gigantic oaf inadvertently stepping on the toes of other people only it wouldn’t be true. The US war machine knows exactly what it is doing. The war machine may make mistakes from time to time but these matter little in the overall grand scheme of world domination.

As for the great American public the general tenor remains that with America’s modernity and overall success as a nation of means, the murder of civilians as reported in the news is acceptable since our intentions are good and our hearts are pure. It would seem that the murder of such small fry pales in comparison to such noble causes as bringing the heathens up from the gutter whether they wish it or not.

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