Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Changing the World: The Obama Jihad

One of Senator Obama’s war whoops is that he wants to change the world. This is part and parcel with the American Exceptionalism that all presidents going back at least one hundred years have shared that is to say that they all believed that the U.S. is the world’s last best hope and it is our destiny to enlighten a benighted world. Naturally Obama is no exception to this and with his announcements of taking the War on Terror into Pakistan unilaterally, intensifying the war in Afghanistan, and his bilateral threats against Iran. Obama has also spoken of confronting Russia. Since the U.S. has a one hundred year history of attacking only those nations that cannot defend themselves I suspect his tough talk on Russia is just that, tough talk. After all, Russia still has the second most powerful army in the world, nuclear weapons, and nuclear subs, in short Russia is still a world power to be reckoned with. Pakistan on the other hand is seen by Obama as a nation that cannot defend itself from the onslaught of U.S. military might and is therefore fair game for invasion. However, today’s New York Times has a story on the war now raging in Pakistan between the Pakistan government and the Taliban that could be a chilling preamble to what a U.S. invasion of Pakistan might hold in store for Obama and his cadre of warmongers.


After three months of sometimes fierce fighting, the Pakistani Army controls a small slice of Bajaur. But what was initially portrayed as a paramilitary action to restore order in the area has become the most sustained military campaign by the Pakistani Army against the Taliban and its backers in Al Qaeda since Pakistan allied itself with the United States in 2001.

President-elect Barack Obama has pledged to make the conflicts in Afghanistan and Pakistan a top priority. The Bajaur campaign serves as a cautionary tale of the formidable challenge that even a full-scale military effort faces in flushing the Taliban and Al Qaeda from rugged northern Pakistan.

Pakistani officials describe the area as the keystone of an arc of militancy that stretches across the semiautonomous tribal region of Pakistan and into Afghanistan.

Under heavy pressure from the United States, Pakistani officials are vowing to dislodge the Taliban fighters and their Qaeda allies who have taken refuge in the tribal areas.

The whole article is worth reading if you wish for a glimpse of the Obama future -- war, war, and more war. This is what Mr. Presto Change-o has in mind despite the soaring national debt and an economy that is crumbling. And just how important is the Global War on Terror? To be sure there is a threat of terrorism mostly due to our humanitarian (gag) interventions in the Middle East which has become a self-fulfilling prophesy just as the Pakistan military is finding out with its war on the Taliban. But how big is the terrorist threat? Terrorism is a sign of military weakness. It is what people resort to when their nation is invaded by more powerful forces. The whole War on Terror gig is of course utter bullshit, a thin disguise for the U.S. plan to first dominate the Middle East no doubt followed by all of Europe, the North and South Poles quickly followed by the entire universe which includes all of space and time. The only real question is how long can the U.S. spend money it doesn’t have before the entire nation collapses under its own weight? Under the Obama Regime I believe we will find the answer to that question.


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