Thursday, March 19, 2009

Space Patrol

While I was out driving I found myself behind a car with two bumper stickers. One sticker said “Obama” and the other sticker said “Peace.” So in the minds of Obamerites Obama is the peace president, or at least he was the peace candidate. I see the big O as continuity and though Obama probably didn’t mind being thought of as the peace candidate nothing could have been further from the truth. Remember not too long ago when China shot down one of its own satellites which made everyone shiver? This was quickly followed by the U.S. shooting down one of our own satellites which made it kind of a cosmic pissing match thereby proving once and for all that there are no adults, not really. Well, besides all that, under Obama we are still sinking billions of greenbacks into space weapons systems because, of course, wars today are managed via satellite, military satellites. Because wars are managed via satellite the domination of space by the U.S. is paramount in the eyes of the paranoid, basically our federal government. The question is not if can we afford to waste billions on space weapons but should be why do we continue to pursue the imperial road?

Nobody is asking why about much of anything these days, I mean what the heck we got Obama, right? Obama couldn’t have come along at a worse moment in time. He continues with much of Bush’s policies but nobody seems to care. And because Obama can get away with it, because of the silence of the masses, all the evil created in the Bush years continues to roll along unhindered and unfettered by any of the baggage Bush carried in his waning years. So just when we really needed to change our foreign policy we instead get more of the same, the timing couldn’t be worse.

Rather than sanity we have a bunch of lunatics in the government whose heads are stuffed with old cliff hangers from bygone days when Commando Cody rocketed through the sky and became involved in fisticuffs on the moon with strange oriental moon beings.


A little-known congressional study from1989 called Military Space Forces: The Next 50 Years spells out much of the Pentagon's plan for achieving dominance in space. The Air Force Association published the report in book form, and congressional leaders like Representatives Ike Skelton (D-MO) and John Spratt (D-SC), Senator John Glenn (D-OH) and now-Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) signed the forward.

In the book, congressional staffer John Collins reports: "Military space forces at the bottom of the Earth's so-called gravity well are poorly positioned to accomplish offensive/defensive/deterrent missions, because great energy is needed to overcome gravity during launch. Forces at the top, on a space counterpart of 'high ground,' could initiate action and detect, identify, track, intercept, or otherwise respond more rapidly to attacks."

Collins goes on to propose to Congress that the United States needs bases on the moon, at the top of the "gravity well," and on armed space stations on either side of the lunar surface. He writes, "Nature reserves decisive advantage for L4 and L5, two allegedly stable libration points [on either side of the moon] that theoretically could dominate Earth and moon, because they look down both gravity wells. No other location is equally commanding." Collins then concludes that, "Armed forces might lie in wait at that location to hijack rival shipments on return." Space piracy is born.

I’m rather surprised that the worthy Collins didn’t include a few Death Stars in his imaginative study. Though these loony plans are likely seen as “defensive” in nature it seems to me that they are inherently offensive. If Nova Scotia shot a missile at the U.S. an anti missile missile located on the moon would have to travel 238,855 miles in order to intercept the missile fired by Nova Scotia. How useful is that? So it would seem that nuclear armed moon bases would be more useful as a threat than a defense. Moon bases might even be useful for taking pot-shots at Chinese satellites but again wouldn’t it be easier to shoot them from the surface of the earth than from 238,855 miles? Perhaps Collins has that covered as well. I think the main reason little of this topic makes any sense at all is that the people involved in this space stuff are existing on the same emotional and maturity level of a five year-old and these space weapons are really just their Tonka toys. The whole thing is nuts.

Be sure to tune in next week, same time, same station, we’ll be giving away free Commando Cody Decoder Rings.


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Maybe you were behind a fan of Night of the Hunter, or that Spike Lee movie with Radio Raheem.


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