Thursday, March 12, 2009

"what a continuously proven wrong dickhead"

Fora TV has an excerpt of a talk Thomas Friedman gave at a bookstore recently, above.
In the comments, whoo689 wrote:

"Is Friedman a conservative or libertarian? My friend says he's libertarian, but I dunno. The only "libertarian" aspect of him seems to be his stance on free trade."
I responded that I doubted that he had a coherent political philosophy, and that mainly

"he's just a guy with a high-powered rolodex of connections who puts his finger to the wind periodically to figure out what kind of book to write next, something that will please the PBS tote bag crowd. I like to think of him as the Robin Leach of globalization."
But perhaps "poop121" said it best(above). Far more succinct too.

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At March 13, 2009 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friedman reminds me of the lying "experts" I dealt with when I was a litigator. They'd say anything for money, the lies got more grandiose and distortive as the amounts at issue grew larger. At the level Tom Friedman works -- whole US economy, global economic analyses -- the lies are stupdendous.

Many readers of Friedman don't even stop to ask what Friedman's talking about. They assume he's correct because he's the Tom Friedman... the one chosen by the NY Times.

To question Friedman, in these NPR/PBS/liberal/progressive folks' minds, is like questioning gravity or the existence of the sun.


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