Saturday, July 04, 2009

Why I Hope Joe Biden Never Runs for President: Part 2

Jason Ditz over at who does a marvelous job has another gem from Biden. Biden is a ceaseless fountain of wisdom it would seem.


Speaking with Iraqi officials on the second day of his three day visit, Vice President Joe Biden warned that the United States might reconsider its military commitment to the nation if “Iraq were to revert to sectarian violence or engage in ethnic violence,” insisting that the “American people would have no interest” in going through that situation yet again.

This really and truly is the limit. First of all, as Biden must know, there will be a referendum held in July where the people of Iraq will vote on whether or not to end the U.S. occupation as much as a year earlier than stipulated in the SOFA. Of course the question remains would the U.S. honor such a vote and considering the rank arrogance on display with Biden you really have to wonder if they would honor it. Keep in mind the U.S. had to agree to the referendum in order to get the Iraq government to sign on with the SOFA.

Secondly, this is the most upside-down statement I have ever read. Almost all thinking and rational people know the violence occurring in Iraq was and still is due to the invasion. But what is really over the top here is Biden insisting that the American people would have no interest in going through that situation again. The American people never had an interest in the invasion. They still don’t. But what Biden is saying is that it is the fault of Iraq that we invaded them in the first place. Is that really what happened? I guess I must have missed something over the last seven or so years.


At July 05, 2009 1:32 AM, Blogger Jonathan Versen said...

Educated Iraqis already know that Joe Biden is no friend to Iraq, and has never been. They're aware, unlike most Americans, that Biden has been pushing a "federal solution" for Iraq for many years, designed to split Iraq into 3 separate states.(In fact Biden sponsored a senate resolution a couple of years ago advocating just such a plan.)

There is no evidence that the majority of Iraqis want this, and plenty of evidence that they don't, as opposed to Neocon think tanks and various AIPAC proxies like Biden advisor Leslie Gelb.

At July 05, 2009 8:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The July referendum will result in approval of Items 63 and 64 of the Iraq Study Group Report.

That's why we maintain a huge presence there, militarily and "diplomatically."

We are stealing their oil. We're just using an indirect, complicated mechanism of theft. What we're doing is no different than if we created some Rube Goldberg machine that managed to dig wells, pump their oil, transmit it magically across the Atlantic, and deposit it at the chosen refineries via special golden pipelines.

If the Iraqi people vote against Items 63 and 64 we will see a ramping up of violence and murder.

And Joey Bidet has always been a massive gash-doucher. There was never a time in his adult life when he was anything else. NEVER. Those who think differently are engaged in fantasy. Joey Bidet knows how to get and hold power -- by strapping on the kneepads and bib, and fellating the powerful.

At July 07, 2009 1:14 PM, Blogger Jonathan Versen said...

This item from Marc Lynch in Foreign Policy only reinforces my sense that Biden is no friend to Iraq, or even to the Arab world in general.

At July 07, 2009 5:18 PM, Blogger rob payne said...


I think Biden was a bad choice even for Obama. I think choosing Biden for VP was Obama’s way of reassuring the estableshment that he was with them one hundred percent. So naturally Biden is no friend to Iraq, Iran, or even Israel. The reason I include Israel is that encouraging them to violence will only cause more blowback against Israel making matters only worse and we know how Israel likes to over react, in fact they give it new meaning. I can’t say I know what Biden’s game is but it is quite evident he is a manipulator. And if Biden’s meaning was unclear to some I have found that politicians rarely speak with any kind of clarity so that you could never really pin them down as having said something of substance which might come back to haunt them like “Read my lips.”

What Biden said concerning Israel has so many problems with it that it would be difficult to know where to begin because you can find no bedrock of reality anywhere within Biden’s statement.

Interestingly when Israel requested permission to fly over Iraq airspace in order to reach Iran Bush denied them permission. Probably the reason for that is that even Bush knew that if Israel attacked Iran that the whole fragile propped-up piece of donkey dung that is being sold to Americans as a success would unravel very quickly. I’m sure Biden must be aware of that as well or one would hope so. If Israel does launch a strike against Iran then what Biden said would take on concrete meaning. If they don’t then what he said will quickly fade from memory having been given all the due it was worth. Probably not much.


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