Monday, January 25, 2010

David Kelly revisited

Ella discusses this item from Larisa Alexandrovna, "70-year gag on Kelly death evidence (Dr. David Kelly)". as you may already know, Kelly was a British weapons inspector who testified against his government and was found dead a few days later in the summer of 2003.

from Alexandrovna:

A Parliamentary committee tasked with investigating the planted intelligence on Iraq asked Kelly to testify, which he did.

Several days after his testimony and while preparing for a trip with his wife, Dr. Kelly was found dead in a park nearby his home, which was ruled a suicide. On the day he "committed suicide" he had sent an email to New York Times reporter Judith Miller in which he said "many dark actors playing games."

Leading physicians and first responders who arrived at the park and inspected Kelly's body did not think he committed suicide, even going so far as to sue the British government to prove their case.

David Kelly

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At January 25, 2010 1:23 PM, Blogger rob payne said...

Interesting stuff but I guess we won’t need Sherlock Holmes and Watson to solve this one. Beneath the façade of state with all its manifestations which include monuments, statues, and grand architecture recalling ancient Greece these people in government are just common thugs. I’ve felt for some time now that the government is just the biggest gang on the block.

At January 27, 2010 7:18 AM, Blogger Bob In Pacifica said...

Hiding the evidence until everyone who remembers is dead is a fine strategy for the national security state. It was employed when JFK was murdered by a lone nut with a "get out of the limits of physics free" card, so it's appropriate in this case.

Rob is right. When government murders it is clear the presumed nature of that government has been exposed. Better to put the sheet back over the naked statue.


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