Friday, January 15, 2010

A Day at the Circus

The disaster in Haiti, exasperated by years of exploitation by the U.S. and French, gives Americans still reeling under the up is down, war is peace, presidency of Obama the Bloody a chance to feel good about themselves. Well you know what they say; one man’s misery is another man’s heaven. Yesterday the headlines were all about “America sends aid to Haiti” though of course you must surely realize as the “liberal” news media turns a disaster into the usual circus of huffing and puffing Obama and congressoids have been working on what they like to call health care reform. Apparently Obama has promised to travel about the countryside selling this new legislation and you have to wonder why he has to “sell” it to the public. My best guess is because it is a complete fraud and a give-away to the insurance companies because if we were actually getting the health reform we wanted Obama wouldn’t have to “sell” it to us now would he? Of course not.

Getting back to Haiti the American news media which has pretty much avoided showing the dismembered and horribly mangled bodies resulting from the terror wars is actually showing Haitians that were hurt or killed in the earthquake. The end result is that many people who aren’t really paying attention will get the impression that America is doing good things in the world coming to the rescue of Haiti (and it is a good thing). This is a perfect example of how the news media not only erases history but promotes a false image by merely omitting half of the truth leaving, of course, half truths, the news media stock in trade. Some claim that it was the graphic pictures of the Vietnam War that helped turn public opinion against it which I tend to agree with. Come to think of it that is the only thing our government learned from the Vietnam War – don’t show pictures of dead civilians. Who says we don’t learn from experience?

Meanwhile over in Yemen their government claims to have killed some members of al Qaida. I can imagine in their rush to placate the monster breathing down their necks they weren’t all that particular who they killed. I wonder if they were really al Qaida or just some unfortunates who were offered up as sacrifice to the American Gods. So which is the real America, the America that sends help to Haiti or the bully boy America who forces governments to slaughter their own in order to keep American troops off their soil. The answer is both yet the terror wars have been ongoing for years and Haiti is just a punctuation mark in this story.


At January 15, 2010 8:15 PM, Blogger Jonathan Versen said...

hi Rob,
FWIW I was going to post that same Chris Floyd link, but I'm glad you beat me to the punch. I also meant to post this link:

Alison Kilkenny, "US debt policies left Haiti vulnerable to catastrophe"

It's hard to know what to say-- I tend to assume that Americans are mostly unaware of the kind of hostile foreign policy our government stands for in practice.

Although I also think that people are aware, at least in general terms, that our government's policies are not the same as our stated intentions.

At January 16, 2010 9:47 AM, Blogger rob payne said...


What can be said? It's not surprising that Americans are unaware considering the nature of the news media.


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