Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recovery, What Recovery?

Bernanke, I was almost going to write that I don’t like his name (sounds like bank) and I don’t like his face either but that would be terribly immature of me and heaven forbid I should act that way. In today’s New York Times I read that Bernie (I’m calling him Bernie because I don’t like his name or the way he dresses and his beard looks stupid) has been reappointed as the head thief of the National Order of Thieves (NOT). NOT a huge surprise and the thieves would have only put another thief in charge of NOT in any case.

As usual whenever I read the Times I go through the quandary of – am I insane or are the people who publish the Times insane? I still haven’t resolved that one but I operate on the assumption that the Times is far more insane than I am. In any case the Times says Bernie was an architect of the recovery. Huh? What recovery? Maybe I’ve lost all my marbles, maybe this is just a fevered nightmare, but as far as I can tell things are getting worse. Oh yeah, now I remember, stocks are up Wall Street is doing great, problem solved, and we is recovered.


The confirmation was a victory for President Obama, who had called Mr. Bernanke an architect of the recovery, but also signaled the extent to which the Fed, once little known to the public, has become the object of populist outrage over high unemployment and Wall Street bailouts.

Public outrage, tsk, tsk. And I suppose this is a victory for Obama if you call caving into the people footing his bill a victory so let’s say it’s a victory for Wall Street and Obama and another defeat for the public. It’s of interest that Bernanke would be re-appointed after the donkey got stomped right in their own back yard, Massachusetts, because it shows very clearly that our leaders really don’t care what we think but that isn’t new, it’s not even exciting. Even the Times mentions the “populist” outrage. I like the way the Times uses the word “populist” as if the outrage is merely a passing popular fancy. Let us eat cake sayeth the Times.

But so it goes and though politics holds little interest for me I would say Obama is a very weak leader despite his phony self-assured act. He surrounded himself with the people who engineered the downfall of the economy, with people who are rabid warhawks like Hillary Clinton and it shows in everything Obama has done because these are the people Obama listens to. They are Obama’s trainer wheels because apparently the Establishment didn’t entirely trust the presidency to a Negro.

Not everything that is broken can be fixed and the nation is being led by the incompetent, by people so completely rooted in American exceptionalism that they cannot think straight, by murderers and thieves and worse. And that’s why people like Bernie get appointed even after everyone knows he is a thief because the people who put him there are thieves themselves.


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