Thursday, May 05, 2011

Good boys and girls abhor violence, but...

I kid, but I do recognize Pinsky is in an awkward position. I'm not clear what the law student is doing there. Maybe he was there to offer superficially patriotic blather about how children need to transcend or avoid certain distressing emotions and just study hard so they can go to Yale like him, or to kill time before the psychologist was on so she wouldn't have too much screen time in the segment lest she discuss something awkward.

If any CNN staffers were twiddling their thumbs prior to Operation Kill OBL, clearly this isn't the case this week. Kill OBL has been a productivity bonanza for the network:

How bin Laden's body was identified



Obeidallah: Bin Laden, Islamophobia sports
Fans united by patriotism

Why young people cheer this death
Poll: Most Americans say bin Laden in Hell

Pakistan students doubt bin Laden dead [video]

Obama 'death stare' photo draws notice [video]

*Why the onus is on the Taliban to make peace, as opposed to on the US to leave, is not explored. In fact Hillary Clinton saying "you'll never defeat us" sounds like she's saying we'll be there forever.

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At May 06, 2011 3:46 AM, Blogger Mimi said...

Excuse me while I retch. That nicely-barbered little Yalie with the spiffy tie telling us 9/11 made him into a better person was truly revoting. Now he wants to go out and do stuff to--I mean, for--his fellow man, with the implication, I guess, that maybe it was a GOOD thing. So heart-warming. And the anchor and the shrink soulfully discussing how to justify homicide to the kiddies. Of course, one would never suggest they examine whether the executive can--or should--be permitted to kill without consultation, let alone trial. If this is the level of discourse on the "news," I think I made the right decision in never watching it.

At May 07, 2011 3:10 PM, Blogger Jonathan Versen said...

Hi Mimi,
Yeah, the law student seemed to be there to 'network' and promote himself. Like I said, I wondered if he was there to take up space in the segment, going on the assumption the producer only allotted a certain number of minutes to the topic of how to discuss this with your kids, and maybe they were afraid the psychologist, whose presence seemed more relevant to me, might give some awkward examples of questions kids might have.


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