Saturday, February 25, 2012

To the news, to the pale blue news

It’s no secret that the news media infuriates me almost as much as our phony baloney politicians do. The most recent being their handling of the doofless burning of Korans in Afghanistan. Every article I read keeps repeating that the riots are caused by the burning of the books. This just isn’t so. It may have triggered the riots but the feelings of animosity towards the western powers runs much deeper than that. It is beyond the ken of yours truly as to how the news and Americans in general can overlook the stunningly obvious which is we have invaded Afghanistan, occupied their land with a bunch of murderous barbarians (us,) bombed their weddings, bombed the ensuing funerals, bombed their houses, bombed their civilians, women and children more often than not, kicked in their doors during the middle of the night, executed them, abused them, and humiliated them for the last decade, and this after the Russian invasion. Yet the news media tells us that the riots are about the burning of the Koran.

One obvious conclusion is that this is another attempt to frame the Afghans as unreasonable fanatics. This is ludicrous beyond belief yet many Americans will buy into this for after all the news media is only after the truth, is unbiased as well as fair. And who are the real fanatics? The other day I was looking for Tahini sauce at a local yokel market, couldn’t find it, and asked an employee if they carried it. I was told they used to have it but that they cleared all that “kind of stuff out.” This person then regarded me with a continence that was a mixture of hurt and childish anger. After all, those dirty A-rabs is a-killin’ our lovely rosy cheeked cherubic troops. What a laugh. Every time one or two Americans get their asses blown off it’s big news yet the thousands upon thousands of Afghans murdered by our “heroes” goes largely unnoticed unless they get caught pissing on the bodies of dead Afghans. And even then the main concern is the pissing and not the fact that these few “good men” just murdered the dead Afghans who I stress were just fighting an invasion of foreign troops just as most Americans would if they were in the Afghan’s place.

Again I ask -- who are the real fanatics? Here in America people are upset because the science of Darwin is being taught in schools seen as a blasphemy against a mythical god by a bunch of superstitious fools who believe in the devil and angels and how many of them can fit on a pinhead, appropriate for a bunch of superstitious pinheads I would say. What about the Americans who go to services where they roll and wither in the dirt speaking in tongues? Americans are fanatical about the sanctity of America itself completely intolerant of anything different, suspicious of furriners who don’t share their world view, eat what they eat, or dress the way they dress. Americans are so fanatical that they think spreading the American way of life to every corner of the planet is their god given prerogative yet it is the Afghans who are fanatical.