Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No time for time with Iran

The New York Times which has cheered every recent US war over the last ten years seems hell bent on helping us into yet another war in Iran. Today in an op ed they ran an editorial by Amos Yadlin a former head of the Israeli of military intelligence, and former fighter pilot who is now director of Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies no less. The New York Times seems to have no problem printing an editorial full of lies and innuendos that are completely unsubstantiated. And thanks to the ongoing efforts of news media like the NYT a good many Americans now believe that Iran is now our worst enemy. Before I continue let us all remember that Iran has not attacked another nation in two centuries while the US has done almost nothing but enter wars with no more justification than one with Iran for over one hundred years. Let’s also keep in mind that Iran has no way of attacking the US and that their army is pitifully small compared to the now extremely experienced US armed forces.

Yadlin himself is either a liar or a paranoid ill-informed fool or a combination of both as he takes the familiar line that there is no time left and an attack against Iran must happen soon or it shall be too late. This particular brand of scare tactics, a rather rancid form of propaganda, is nothing new. It was utilized by George W. Bush and members of his administration in the build-up to our second war with Iraq. One can still recall Condi Rice with her visions of mushroom clouds over major American cities. There was no time we were told, Iraq held weapons of mass destruction with which they could somehow rain upon a helpless America. Everyone or at least any sane people now know Iraq had no such weapons in their arsenal. It’s too late for Iraq and it is likely too late for Iran.

Yadlin tells us…


"The problem, however, is one of time. Israel doesn’t have the safety of distance, nor do we have the United States Air Force’s advanced fleet of bombers and fighters. America could carry out an extensive air campaign using stealth technology and huge amounts of ammunition, dropping enormous payloads that are capable of hitting targets and penetrating to depths far beyond what Israel’s arsenal can achieve.”

Poor little Israel! While everyone else seems to know that Israel is the Middle Eastern nation that actually does possess an estimated 200 to 300 nuclear weapons and though it seems rather obvious that Iran has none at all there is no time! We must act now or reap the consequences of being threatened by an Iran, a nation that is weak in comparison to even poowuh widdle Israel who has advanced weaponry provided mainly through the auspices of US money, three billion a year in fact.

And what is going on behind the scenes is something we all should wonder especially when all available information emanates from news media like the NYT who questions nothing said by the Whitehouse nor provides any good analysis other than thinly disguised propaganda. Does it really seem reasonable that Israel actually has enough influence to force the mighty US into a war with Iran? Isn’t far more likely that what we see is no more than a kindergarten play where the characters are all hilariously dramatic as only young children can be? Isn’t it far more likely that the whole scenario of Israel forcing America to war is choreographed by the Whitehouse and Pentagon? Remember that Israel is reliant on American tax dollars for its very existence today without which it would crumble like the rotting house of cards it actually is. It makes no sense at all that this should be true and we should all be asking shouldn’t cause and effect be something that does make sense as it surely always does? I cannot prove this but logic would suggest that this is all just another dog and pony show provided by a nation that has a long history of fabricating lies to enter us into wars of aggression, the US.

If we wish to stay within the realm of logic let me again remind that Iran is not and never has been the target. The US is not interested in spreading democracy indeed its history shows that the opposite is true. The true target is the oil of the Caspian Basin, all 12 trillion dollars worth of it. I have shown these maps previously but I beg your indulgence and let me show you them once again. The first map illustrates American military bases that surround the Caspian Basin as well as Iran, the last piece in the puzzle of over twenty years of military planning, invaded nations, and trillions of dollars. The second map delineates existing and proposed oil pipelines from the Caspian Basin to the Persian Gulf.

As I have said a number of times before we see that Afghanistan, and Iraq, as well as other nations of our national interest are actually mysteriously grouped about the Caspian Basin. Iran is the last remaining roadblock to vast riches in oil and natural gas all residing in the Caspian Basin. Is it at all reasonable that over two decades of invasion and the building of a vast network of US military bases in the region is about Israel which is nothing but a gadfly in our tomato soup? And that Israel is now forcing us, actually forcing the mighty US which possesses the most powerful and fearsome war machine the world has ever seen to attack Iran? I say that such an idea is surely nothing but the most unmitigated hogwash I have ever heard in my life.